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Our lessor, Kohala Ditch Company, has informed us that on April 5th a large landslide destroyed a flume connecting Kohala Ditch to its largest water source and heavily damaged a tunnel which is now in imminent danger of collapse. Due to the unacceptably high risk in repairing the damage, Kohala Ditch Company has decided to abandon the water source. Without this source of water, there is not enough water in the ditch to operate a kayak tour.

Although the kayak tour is now closed, we have been able to shift our wonderful crew over to a new activity that we have been developing: KOHALA UTV ADVENTURE. Here, our crew will be looking forward to meeting you to share the stories, history, and folklore of our wonderful home here in beautiful North Kohala. We humbly ask that you consider visiting KOHALA UTV ADVENTURE on your next Big Island visit.

As this chapter in the 115 year saga of Kohala Ditch comes to a close, we would like to pay respect to the pioneers who have passed-on after starting the Flumin Da Ditch tour 25 years ago: Rodney Inaba and Kevin Tamanaha. They took the crazy idea of floating tourists down a Hawaiian irrigation ditch and turned it into an unforgettable phenomenon.

And finally, to all our wonderful guests that we have had the pleasure of meeting and sharing with over the years, please take to heart our sincerest, most heartfelt, E mālama pono, a hui hou — Take care, until we meet again. We will miss you all.

Mahalo Nui,

The Flumin’ Kohala Team

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